Myra Canyon Trestles

Naramata, BC

Running along a steep-walled canyon along Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) is the highly-scenic Myra Canyon Trestles.

Highlighted by 2 tunnels and 18 trestle bridges that was built by hand at the turn of the century is, simply, spectacular!

Take the scenic drive 24km south east from Kelowna. While you cruise you pass golf courses, farms, orchards & vineyards. Located only 24km from downtown Kelowna (40 min drive to Myra Station). This scenic drive will take you past farms, orchards, vineyards, and golf courses and leads you up a steep gravel road where you’ll find plenty of parking at the entrance of KVR.

Once you’re there and settled you have options of how you want to take in this amazing Okanagan experience. You can hike or bike the trail. If you didn’t haul your bike then you can rent some wheels or get a guided tour with Myra Canyon Bike Rental & Tours.

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